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A useful tool for making up film onto running reels. The loose wound Film was placed on the 'horse' ready to be reeled on. More than one could be held on the tool. This 'horse' was used in the Curzon projection room for many years.

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Catalogue of promotional material for the 2007 film.

Binder containing two sets of photographs:

1) reproductions of photographs taken pre-1945

2) photographs taken circa 1996 showing pre-restoration state of the building, and people working on restoration.

The photographs are accompanies by a…

3 binders assembling comprehensive historical items related to the cinema, including:
Miscellaneous information about the history of cinema since 1910
Copies and transcripts of articles assembled by Bob Dearberg from the Clevedon Mercury and…

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A collection of brief notes (from the New Yorker) on a large number of films.
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