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About The Collection

If you have visited the Curzon cinema recently, you cannot have failed to notice the fascinating array of cinema and home movie equipment on display throughout the building.

The Curzon Cinema Collection was formerly displayed in the otherwise unused warehouse at the rear of the cinema. When this space was needed for other purposes a new home had to be found for the items. Some of the exhibits that had been on loan were returned to their owners, but the majority of the collection remained intact and was removed to the main cinema building and remains one of the most important collections of its kind in the country.

Since that time, a team of volunteers have been busy identifying, recording, photographing and labelling the several hundred items currently held and supplementing the existing records to ensure that the general public and others with an interest in the projected picture have access to a complete and comprehensive database covering all aspects of cinematic history.

The collection is now available here as an interactive database for the first time, freely available to the general public.

A limited number of exhibits are in working condition, and we are working with experts to revive a variety of projectors.

If you are interested in getting know and learning to maintain these artefacts, and can volunteer a little time each week, the Curzon would love to hear from you.