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Curzon Library


The Curzon has accumulated, over the life of the cinema, a collection of books and periodicals on film and cinema related subjects.
Mainly comprising donations from the cinema’s patrons, it was not consciously built to be a comprehensive collection, and it is not a lending library, but some items would nevertheless be of interest to students of cinema’s history, as it is unsurprisingly biased towards the pre-internet period.
Particularly interesting are the annuals and extensive runs of cinema magazines, and a number of books by film critics.

Collection Items

Blade runner (BFI Modern Classics series)
An extended critique of the film Blade Runner, its making and its commercial success

The first Empire movie almanac
Collection of movie trivia, free with Empire magazine

Laurel & Hardy (Quote Unquote series)
Coffee table book about Stan Lauren and Oliver Hardy and their films, with particular emphasis on verbatim quotes and stills from the films

Story: Substance, structure, style and the principles of screenwriting
Covers all elements of story creation, not limited to films/TV

Identity: Conversations with Benedetto Vecchi
“Explores the notion of identity in the modern world”. Includes introduction written by Vecchi himself (Italian journalist)

Non-sync, tabs and cream soda: A socko performance of tragedy, romance, ambition and triumph
The rags-to-riches life story of Rosen who rose from humble beginnings via cinema projectionist to become a world authority on international electrical network safety

British monthly general film magazine

The Mercia Bioscope
Quarterly magazine of the Mercia Cinema Society, mainly on cinema buildings and architecture

Total Film: The modern guide to movies
British monthly general film magazine. Each month, Total Film provides a range of features, from spotlight interviews with actors and directors, to making of and on-set pieces for new and future releases. Each issue always includes the 'Total Film…

5th edition (1952) of annual publication highlighting anecdotal stories about movie personalities, actors, directors and other Hollywood inhabitants.
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