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12th edition of this annual collection of interviews, covering film makers on film schools.

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The 10th edition of this annual collection of interviews, covering Hollywood film makers on film making.

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The 11th edition of this annual collection of interviews, covering New York film makers on New York film making.

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A history of British radio and television, starting with the birth of radio at the beginning of the 20th century, discussing key moments in media history from the first wireless broadcast in 1920 through to recent developments in digital broadcasting…

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Includes semiotic, genre and narrative analysis, content and discourse analysis and debates about the politics and representation.

Examines the construction of celebrity using the 4 essential concepts in media studies: history, text, production and audiences.

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Covers key issues, debates and controversies in the field, including internationalisation of media industries, power and control in media organizations, audience and market research and the experience if working in the media.

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An introduction to key forces that inform large scale impacts of the media, including the impact of technology, the economic characteristics of media and communications markets, and how the study of media regulation reveals the shaping of society by…

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A collection of essays by "leading international figures" grouped into the general headings: Forms of knowledge; Audiences; Gender; Race. Includes analysis and discussions of key debates.

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A history of Spanish cinema throughout the Fracoist years and beyond (NB published 2002). Includes Basque cinema, children, sex, and case studies of some specific directors (Saura, Querejeta, Medem).
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