Curzon Collection 2


Curzon Collection 2


Collected items assembled to support the Curzon collection (2)


Items Include:-

The History of the Clevedon Curzon by John Aldred FBKS
"The Grovesend Steel Ceiling" and photo of steel ceiling
"Adlib Museum Lite" details of software package
List of projectors, location and ownership
List of larger Projectors for exhibits
"Learning and Community" Cinema interactive tour for schools
Pamphlet of Stylist Major Mk2 sound projector features
The Curzon Collection Directory and correspondence with Maurice Thornton
Press Release regarding creation of Teatro Lounge
Details of 35mm Powers No.6 Cameragraph
Curzon house - style of presentation - instructions to projectionists
The "SON" projector - description of features
CODEG 8 Movie Projector Poster
Clevedon Community Radio programme
Yashica 8 Information Booklet
Ambassador movie camera booklet
Chinon Concord B 8mm Zoom camera Instruction Book
Old Sepia photo of projection room
Bolex 580 sound camera Instructions
Elmo ST 1200 Super 8mm description
Photo of unknown gentleman in Curzon
W. Steenbeck & Co. Hamburg - Technical drawings and descriptions of The Motordrive
Pathescope - 17.5mm "The Forgotten Guage" - sales publicity - 1938
Laminated descriptions of the Projectors on display
Bingoscope 9.5mm description
Ross GC 35mm - description of projector
Bell & Howell 16mm, 1923 - description of projector
Order form for "Amateur Movei-maker" magazine
Adventure Film Productions - advertising pamphlet
"Old Leeds Cinemas past and present " newspaper
Pathescope Films pamphlet
No. 1 Maltese Cross Empire - pictures of projectors
Pathescope Projectors descriptions - various
Extracts from the diary of H.E. Hogwood
The Cinemascope Camera - photos


Maurice Thornton


Paper Items




Archive 1943



Maurice Thornton, “Curzon Collection 2,” Curzon Cinema Collection, accessed January 16, 2021,

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