Curzon Collection 3


Curzon Collection 3


Collected items assembled to support the Curzon Collection (3)


Items include:

- Binder: 'Filmography' catalogue 1953 - 1967
- Binder: 'Pathescope Pictorial Story' 1922 - 1970
- 14 x information placards for projectors
- Sheet music - Metzler's original Cinema Music No 1 (1919) NOTE: THIS SUB-ITEM REMOVED BY T BULL 28/01/20 FOR ORGANIST. TO BE RETURNED.
- 8 x cabinet display posters, press photos and information pack: The Glen Miller Story (1985)
- 6 x binders containing original instructions for the operation of projectors in the Curzon Collection
- Binder: Data Image Files (listing and copies of still images from films pre-1932 and of 35mm projectors)
- Assorted photographs of cinema buildings and projection equipment
- Catalogue of GB Equipments spare parts for projectors (1946)
- Binder: Technical Manual for Fumeo Xenon 900 projector
- Guide to making cine titles
- Correspondence and photographs from the Projected Picture Trust (Northern Branch, 2008)
- Instruction manual for Cinemeccanica Victoria 5 projector
- Collection of items related to displays of Post Office films, including:
- Programme of opening of P.O. film displays
(Exeter, 1936)
- Plan of display at the Octagon, Bath 1936
- Equipment plans and blueprints
- Notes on exhibits
- Press cuttings
- Letter from Exeter Corporation Electricity
- Assorted display notices, screen stills and reproduction photographs
- Metal plate: Burville projector lacing chart
- Branded envelopes: London Film Productions Ltd
- Order of service for the memorial service of Alexander Korda
- Photos of cinema screen stills/adverts


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Curzon Collection 3

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Maurice Thornton, “Curzon Collection 3,” Curzon Cinema Collection, accessed July 3, 2020,

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