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This cinematograph was produced as a one-off in the late 1920's by Mr William Mason who lived in a tiny village in Shropshire. As there was little or no entertainment to be had, Mr Mason built the cinematograph and used it to provide entertainment in… P1.jpg
The Animotor prime function it to assist with the stop-motion production. It sets the number of frames to be exposed electronically synchronized to the Mitchell 35mmCamera thus providing accurate recording of motion of the subject.


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Illustrated book of the historical incident and its 1962 film starring Marlon Brando, Trevor Howard and Richard Harris. P1.jpg
A medium budget range camera produced in the USA but only marginally marketed in the UK. All the usual features are found including a power zoom f1.8 9.5mm-32mm lens, CdS automatic electric eye, 2 speed, reflex viewing. . P1.jpg
Anamorphic lenses were attached to the front of normal projection lens and “unsqueezed” the image to provide the wide screen aspect of Cinemascope. P1.jpg
First built in 1925 for the newly formed Kalee company (formerly a New Century collaboration). It differed from earlier Kalee models (5's &6's) in the construction of its gears and lubrication system. Built as a silent projector it was easily adapted… P1.jpg
A Kalee incursion into non-standard 16mm this projector has similarities with the American VICTOR. The picture gate is out of line with the feed and take up spools allowing the use of a single sprocket and thus allowing direct light. This slight… P1.jpg
A Kalee 12 picture head which has had panels removed for viewing internal mechanism, in particular the intermittent.

A piece of film editing equipment whereby four tracks of sound can be 'married' to film images. Usually known as a 'pic-sync'


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35mm and can be used in conjunction with a sound Moviola .

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