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Items include:

- Binder: information related to the collection, assembled in relation to Heritage Lottery funding bid
- Binder: 'Cinemas'. Images and notes on other cinemas in the UK
- Binder: 'Guide 3'. Descriptions of Curzon Collection…

Financial Statements and correspondence with accountant 2005 - 2009

Items Include:-

The History of the Clevedon Curzon by John Aldred FBKS
"The Grovesend Steel Ceiling" and photo of steel ceiling
"Adlib Museum Lite" details of software package
List of projectors, location and ownership
List of larger…

Items include:

- Binder: 'Filmography' catalogue 1953 - 1967
- Binder: 'Pathescope Pictorial Story' 1922 - 1970
- 14 x information placards for projectors
- Sheet music - Metzler's original Cinema Music No 1 (1919) NOTE: THIS SUB-ITEM REMOVED…

Items include:

- Information pack: Projected Picture Trust
- Virtual Tour Guide (2 items)
- Reproductions of historic images
- Miscellaneous display items
- Envelope containing set of original film star colour pictures (1950s?)
- Photographs…

Historical Info on Metal Ceilings
2010 Heritage Lottery Display Ringbinder
A-level Design and Technology course work on Curzon
1996 Development Proposal
Fundraiser Event signage (laminated)
Policy Folder (laminated)

Various newspaper reports, photos and laminated displays showing the Clevedon connections to the Titanic tragedy - including the discovery of a Clevedon survivor who was thought to have perished.

Items include:

- North Somerset Life magazines
- Clevedon Paper magazine
- North Somerset Mercury (Curzon adverts)
- North Somerset Times (Curzon Centenary 2012)

Items to support the set-up and exploration of an interactive heritage 'trail' in the Curzon cinema building.

Items include trail map, QR codes and picture cards.

Publicity material created by the Curzon Community Cinema, including:

- Copies of heritage interpretation boards
- Publicity flyers & leaflets
- Fundraising flyers & leaflets
- Curzon calendars 2004 & 2012
- Curzon Christmas cards and beer…
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