Recently Added Items

Pathescope 'Princess' 9.5mm Still/cine projector

Pathescope 'Princess' 9.5mm Still/cine projector with power supply and instruction book.

VideoMovie VHSC camera

VideoMovie VHSC handheld camera in hard case with accessories and instructions booklet.

2 short 9.5mm film reels

2 short Pathescope 9.5mm Mickey Mouse reels
Donated with 9.5mm home projector and stored in same box

No.2 'Ray' Projector

9.5mm home projector in wooden case. No power supply. Sales leaflet & operating instructions leaflet. Two short 9.5mm Pathescope Mickey Mouse film…

Pathescope Ace 9.5mm Projector

Pathescope Ace 9.5mm Projector, hand cranked, possibly Mark II. Includes original power source and instruction leaflet.